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Boys and girls, can you see which way Twitter went?

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Nothing says Christmas (in the UK at least) than a pantomime. And nothing says innovating online than successfully holding an online pantomime as a piece of performance art. How about a pantomime on Twitter I hear you say-

…traditional wait as you all shout ‘how about a pantomime on Twitter?’ at me…

Been there, done that, it was cutting edge in 2008. Jon Bounds recalls the bleeding edge of comedy 2.0:

 Looking back at the first Twitpanto, which was organised haphazardly and quickly. It stands out for me that it had no commercial or charitable goal. It was purely for the enjoyment and to see if it was possible, and more than that it was able to break across social groupings and filters. A nib in the Birmingham Post the following day reminds me of the cast: some people whom I was friends with mainly online and had never met; some people I had worked with; some journalists, and a cabinet minister. The cabinet minister was Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich near Birmingham, a ferocious advocate of digital technology’s place in the real centre of social discourse – but this was no demonstration piece, this was for laughs. This era, is sadly over. Could the now deputy leader of the Labour Party play Barron Tweetup today?

Is the new Symbian Anna web browser any good?

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

The results clearly show that Web 7.3 offers faster page loading and rendering times than Web 7.2… A small testing sample comparing the N97 mini (upgraded to firmware v30 and Web 7.3) against the Nokia 5230 (using Web 7.2) showed a similar improvement (around 30%)… the overall result – a 25% improvement in load times – does feel about right after using Web 7.3 in day to day usage over the last month or so.