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Trivial Posts #20: Cliffhangers, Knitting, And Error Trapping

What Have I Been Up To? Two appearances online from myself to highlight this week. The first is an appearance in the popular culture podcast ‘From The Sublime‘ where I talk about cliffhangers in modern television (with a specific focus on Doctor Who’. The second is a review of Microsoft Office 2016 on Forbes. Which Is The Better Star Wars Trailer? The nostalgia and new crew style that debuted this week for ‘The Force Awakens‘… or the genuine wish fulfilment of the PlayStation Christmas? Metafilter discusses the weaker trailer Indie Music And Knitting Finding a post on being self-employed and

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How are third party apps working out for Spotify’s artists?

It’s all well and good talking about how many people are engaging with applications in Spotify, how many companies are writing software to work inside the sandbox, and to start working on the metrics to provide the developers a revenue stream… but how much more money is flowing back to the artists because of all this action? Or is the money staying with the developers, Spotify, and the major labels?

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The game that will last you almost three years.

A long time ago, Red Lynx wrote a game for Nokia. It was Pathway to Glory, and was one of the high points of the N-Gage system. They worked on the stand out game of the second iteration in Reset Generation. They’ve also branched out to other platforms, and earlier in June they got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to look at their latest iOS game, 1000 Heroz. It’s clearly a game designed for mobile play, with lots of short "snacking" designed into the product. What’s on offer here are 1000 levels in a fast moving

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