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Pluto Flyby, Using The Camera That Was There

Using the available data and images, with a bit of computer wizardry and filling in the blanks, Bjorn Jonsson has put together a video interpretation of the Pluto flyby  by the ‘New Horizons’ probe. Just stunning. Pluto’s atmosphere is included and should be fairly realistic from about 10 seconds into the animation and to the end. Earlier it is largely just guesswork that can be improved in the future once all data has been downlinked from the spacecraft. Light from Pluto’s satellite Charon illuminates Pluto’s night side but is exaggerated here, in reality it would be only barely visible or

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Trivial Posts: The Debut Edition

Right then, let’s try a little something here. Since I had my ‘what is this blog for’ discussion a year or two ago, it’s been a place for links, thoughts, and fun things that I want to keep track of personally… and there seems to be an audience for it. But it’s been a bit haphazard of late. So in a vain way to try and put some structure in place, and to experiment with email newsletters and regular digests, here’s the first day of ‘Trivial Posts’. (Personally I blame James Whatley). Nine Flawed Christmas Baubles Of The Solar System Just because Pluto pretended to be a

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Dear Solar System, meet a new moon called Vulcan

Though it was the only one of the Greek/Roman names not directly associated with the mythology regarding the underworld, “Vulcan” won by a landslide in the Pluto Rocks poll to name the two new moons discovered orbiting Pluto… the official final naming selections still need to be made and it might be 1-2 months before moons P4 and p5 become forever known as Vulcan and Cerberus. I await the debate between Star Trek fans and Doctor Who fans about which Vulcan this Vulcan has been named after.

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