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Living Like An Online Swan

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Paul Jarvis raises a point on Medium that is always worth repeating:

What I share online only represents a tiny portion of my life. Sure, I live a pretty decent life, and really don’t have anything tocomplain about, but still?—?it’s not nearly as interesting as a lot of folks assume. And conversely, I’m sure a lot of folks I assume have an amazingly awesome, super interesting life are exactly the same.

I always say that life, especially online life, is like a swan. Everyone looking at someone else sees the graceful moves, the supple neck, the effortless gliding from one shore to another. Underneath the waterline is another story… it’s ugly, it’s splashy, it’s frantic, and it’s a heck of a lot of effort (much of it wasted) to get any sort of traction.

Never forget that I’m a swan in every respect:

So when I think about what I’m doing, I have to remember I’m not comparing like with like. The failures and knock-backs that I receive, the moments where getting the words out of my head and onto the screen are like detention with Umbridge, the struggle to get a work-life balance… everyone I am talking to have these moments as well.

I have to remember when I tell people some of the things I have been up to in the last year, they only see the top of my iceberg, so they are comparing my success with their struggles. We’re all human, we’re all putting on the best show for everyone else, and we’re all paddling furiously under the water thinking we are going nowhere fast.

I appreciate every day just how hard everyone is paddling.

Over the Air 2010: Quadricopters, iPhones, Ferraris and Wipeout

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

So a week or two behind schedule, but here’s the video from “The Ben Collins Appreciation Society",” the team I was involved with in this year’s Over the Air at Imperial College.

To recap, I had seen an early prototype of Parrot’s AR.Drone, and at the time I thought that I could do something impressive with the technology at the next Hack Day I attended. So with Over the Air approaching, Parrot popped over the commercial release of the AR.Drone in time for the event, and my brain got to work.

The result was two fold – to replicate some of the engineering challenges that Parrot had faced, and to create a version of Sony’s 3D racing game Wipeout. This was done through the judicious use of some iPhone and Android handsets, Telnet, a Wi-fi network, arudino boards, remote controlled Ferraris, racetracks and a whole lot of fun.

Here’s the (ahem) ninety second presentation of the Drone, the Cars, and the Paypal interface so you can rent out your R/C technology.


Find out more about the event at the Over the Air blog.

Project Holodeck – The Video

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

And now, as promised, the final piece of my Over the Air jigsaw – the Project Holodeck presentation.

Throughout the event, as people coded little coffee cups, pretend musical bottles on iPhones and bluetooth powered orchestras, by the stage was the sound of hammering, sawing and general DIY noises with lots of wood, nails and curtain fabric. As I explained to everyone, the team (Leeky, Rachel, Joanna and myself) were building a Holodeck – but thanks to health and safety it had to be inside a Faraday Cage… hence the construction. You can read more on the construction and background on the project here.

Thanks to everyone for their advice on how to improve the holodeck projection, but also a huge thank you to Matthew Cashmore for the other health and safety bits, and Daniel Appelquist for trusting his instinct and giving us free reign to create a hack that needed a little more than 90 seconds to present it and a stage clear of everyone else.

So grab a coffee and put your feet up. This is the presentation that stunned the  #ota09 audience into seven minutes of Twitter silence… Project Holodeck!

Don’t Make The Next Twitter, Make The First Wonderbra

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Digital Media Wire is carrying an interesting analysis on Twitter and what other entrepreneurs could learn from the micro-blogging service (and I’ll present this as a counterpoint to The Sunday Times).

They’re all very good points, and a quick search for any ‘new web thing’ and ‘lessons from said web thing’ will bring up a lot of articles like this. What’s important is not just to take on these lessons, but take on these lessons, expand on them, and do something else.

One of the rules of thumb I have when doing links to other news stories on All About Symbian is that I always want to add something to the story, to give it more value, and to lift it away from simple direct lifting. It’s a principle I’m trying to push on the writers at The Daily Dust as well, which is of course a start-up that follows a lot of rules of blogging, but also mixes in the rules of tabloid journalism, and some secret sauce… which in our case is “we cover good news.”

So here’s my lesson to entrepreneurs. Design your product like a Wonderbra. It should lift everything that comes before it, enhance it with clever engineering, and then present it confidently to the world.

Mobile Monday Dublin Notes

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Back from Dublin and the Mobile Monday talks on Location Based Services and Social Networking. I was speaking last, on Wubud, and the team over on Voice. An Opinion has written up thoughts all three companies presenting. Here’s how Wubud came over…

Wubud was last up. Ewan seemed to have an impossible task: give a talk about wubud while expressly and specifically saying absolutely nothing of any detail about wubud. Tricky that! :-) Anyway – that’s what he did. We know wubud is a mobile social network, and that the jump-off point for contacts is your phone’s address book (something you’ll know we agree with violently here if you’ve seen our earlier posts about the social phone book). So I’m guessing they’re in the zone of Zyb (mobile client), Aka-aki, Belysio in terms of their “coupling” to the phone’s address book. Hot space, and they would want to keep a close eye on the set of new social phones on the way or already out there. Hard to tell – as the stealth cloak is firmly over the details right now. However, they do have funding from Bebo, albeit a modest amount by all accounts, so perhaps they have an “in” there that could help them really ramp adoption out of the blocks. We’ll have to wait and see.

My quick notes on the other companies after the jump.

BBC Mashed: Video of the Social Flight Sim Presentation

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

It’s late, and after two very packed days at Mashed with the Social Flight Simulator, I’m ready to sleep. More in-depth stuff tomorrow, but for now, here’s a quickly edited video of the team’s presentation at Alexandra Palace.