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Meet the PsiXpda in Las Vegas and CES

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

One of the questions asked by many people at Le Web while I was demoing the PsiXpda was if I would be at CES with the machine. At that point there were no plans, but that didn’t stop myself and team wondering if we should get our foot in the door at one of the largest tech shows on Earth?

Step forward Chris Heuer, who came up with a plan during Le Web to get the pocket computer to Vegas!

So this Thursday will see a PsiXpda Tweetup at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Space Quest bar, from 4pm. There’s a Facebook event page you can sign up and discuss the event – and I look forward to reading what you all think of the pocket computer.

C’est un ‘Le Web’ Cadeau

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

One of the many interviews I did at Le Web was with C-Net France. Interestingly the reporter had a list of four names to track down specifically for the interviews, and I was one of them (the others were Robert Scoble, Joi Ito and Michael Arrington, who I can only assume he didn’t get).

Anyway, it’s all in French and with a quick run through the Alta Vista translator (yes I knew they still had a use) I think I managed to not put my foot in it!

Et mon second appareil serait un Filofax, un organiseur en papier. Pas de technologie. Seulement du papier et un stylo. Pour prendre des notes, des projets, … Il n’a pas besoin de se recharger. Ne tombe jamais en panne. J’utilise des ordinateurs depuis un certain temps et, vous savez, ils crachent quelques fois.

And the impromptu photo session turned out not bad either!

Le Web and C Net France picture

Engadget focus on Manicures not Mobiles

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Have to love the commenters at Engadget – they’ve picked up on one of the many demo videos of the PsiXpda that I did at Le Web (more on my experiences of that in an upcoming post). A quick glance at the comments (compared to other sites) show a distinct fetish with my single painted nail.

Bless them all and their wonderful let‘s not talk about the product! Still congrats to ‘Ale’ for this one which has cheered up my Monday morning:

That’s Cap’n Half Beard Long Nail to you! Arrrrrr!!!
Engadget commenter

And yet again, I think a tip of the hat is due to Michael Dobbs’ Francis Urquhart on the Hackintosh question…

Just One More Thing…

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I’ve been working on something on the quiet. Actually a few of us have been working on something. If you were at Edinburgh Coffee Morning or The Tuttle Club today you may have caught sight of this little beast in the raw.

We’re calling it the PsiXpda, and we’re publicly announcing it today.

The PsiXpda Range

I’m back in the hardware game! What, you never realised that I used to be in that? Ah well, nothing like hiding things in plain sight. Bet you thought my mentions of the ZX81 on Twitter were really about Clive Sinclair’s machine as well…

Some specs? Intel Atom processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB SSD storage, 800×480 touch screen (or you can use the capacitive track-pad in the screen bezel), dual format Tablet or backlit qwerty keyboard, bluetooth, Wi-fi b/g, integrated 3G card, user replaceable battery, full USB port… or you could grab the spec sheet from here.

Where can you see one in action? Well I’m going to be at Travelling Geeks and Le Web from Sunday, and I’ll have some demo units with me – so stop me and ask to have a look. Alternatively there’s the company website or the @psixpda Twitter account.

And how long till they ship? Next week.