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Landing a rocket in front of a camera

Basically you try, try, try again. Keep trying until you get everything lined up. And in the process you’ll also be working on a reusable first-stage rocket. The Verge’s Sean O’Kane on that picture: It appears that there was some post-processing done on this photo, which adds to its dramatic nature. But even without the added contrast and vignetting, the photo is still a rather lucky sum of a number of fast-moving parts. The rocket is in the middle of using its engines to remove itself from its free fall from space. The drone ship had been positioning and steadying

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Trivial Posts #26: Fast Scripts, Slow Games, And A Martian Graveyard

Another week, and another collection of internet links that have made me stop and think during the last week. Hopefully they’ll make you do the same. Never forget you can sign up to have this posted out to you every week, subscribe to the newsletter version here. When Reality Shows Meet Reality As the reality TV season kicks in on prime-time Saturday night television in the United Kingdom, ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ and ‘The X-Factor‘ are set to dominate the schedules and the social media chat. It’s also a time where the power of the producers and scriptwriters of the shows can be seen impacting the

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No Crazy Ally Pally Hacking in 2009 – BBC Mashed Will Be Missed

I’m in two minds about the announcement on the BBC Backstage Blog that there won’t be a Mashed event in 2009. Part of me is upset – the Mashed event in 2008 (and the Yahoo/BBC Hackday the year before) was one of the highlights of the year for UK Developer circles – you put smart people in a room and great things happen. Put smart people in a room with their own DAB TV station and a red button service they can hack away with, and you get some gorgeous results. For those who weren’t coding, it was still a

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