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Rovio reaches out to social media for Angry Brids levels as staff count is reduced

Let’s play join the dots. Firstly, Rovio costs 16% of the workforce, announced on October 2nd: Unfortunately, we also need to consider possible employee reductions of a maximum of 130 people in Finland (approximately 16% of workforce). Secondly, on October 4th Rovio launch a social media campaign asking the world to create new levels for their hit (only?) franchise Angry Birds Want to help design a level in the Number 1 app of all time? Want millions of people across the world play it? Well this is YOUR chance to #MakeTheNextLevel! …Send us your ideas as sketches, paintings or photos by

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Just how much of a financial cliff did Rovio drive off with Angry Birds Go?

Jon Jordan puts some numbers on the launch and the income of Rovio’s (rather greedy) freemium karting cart game, Angry Birds Go. While the launch period saw the title perform well, it’s been dropping quickly away from the top of the app downloads and earned revenue charts: Yet as most of the graphs show, the key concern for Rovio will be that while Angry Birds Go! has launched very well in terms of its first three weeks, it’s now tracking downwards in terms of top grossing chart position, particularly on the more volatile App Store. Lots of graphs and stats to

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