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Sometimes A Tweet Holds A Huge Truth

It’s interesting what tweets catch the re-tweet (RT) wave and start a snowball effect of people passing it around. I’m watching one of mine go through that just now, and it covers so much ground in a tweet that is admittedly much shorter than the 140 character limit. It covers sports reporting, politics, nationalism, cynicism, humour and truth in just six words… Andy Murray is suddenly Scottish again. @ewanspence

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There’s No-one as Scottish as Barack Obama

I think that Kenya might have something to say about this one, but I get that feeling that both Ireland and Scotland (the old countries) will be more than happy to claim Barack Obama as one of their own. And we have the song to prove it. The man behind this reworking of a classic song is Alan Smart, and he does have form in this. And don’t forget to claim your free Obama-coffee before Friday from your nearest UK Krispy Kreme.

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