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Can you rig a Papal election as easily as an American election

Bruce Schneier: How hard is this to hack? The first observation is that the system is entirely manual, making it immune to the sorts of technological attacks that make modern voting systems so risky. The second observation is that the small group of voters — all of whom know each other — makes it impossible for an outsider to affect the voting in any way. The chapel is cleared and locked before voting. No one is going to dress up as a cardinal and sneak into the Sistine Chapel. In effect, the voter verification process is about as perfect as

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Security and Selling of Smartphone Applications

Two posts over on All About Symbian to start the week off, both with an eye on the smartphone application market. The first is about the mixed messages that Nokia are putting on as regards application stores. the Sims 3 mobile game from EA is now available in the Ovi Store (for £4) and the N-Gage Store (for £6). Something is seriously out of whack here. The release of Sims 3 on N-Gage is going to be very interesting for Nokia and Electronic Arts. Why? Because this java-based title is already out there in various formats and locations – which

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Twitter Security Problems? Change Your Password!

Lots of hand-wringing around the web this morning over Twitter becoming the latest web serivce to have spam, phishing and other stuff that comes with the territory. Twitter should console itself that it is now a big enough target for the dark corners of the internet to spend time and effort into scamming users of the site. This probably legitimises Twitter more than anything else – crack open the champagne, boys! What can everyone else do? Well simple steps first. And the most obvious. Change your password (Chris says it just as loud). the relevant link is twitter.com/account/password but if

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