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When Silicon Meets Valley

New Yorker’s Andrew Marantz goes behind the scenes at the TV show ‘Silicon Valley’ and finds out that yet another TV sitcom is based heavily on the real work. It’s just that Silicon Valley is surprised when it gets an accurate portrayal in the media world. Dotan called his compression expert, Tsachy Weissman, an engineering professor at Stanford. “He spent hours walking me through the very dense history of lossless compression,” Dotan said. “The way I understood it, basically, was that Claude Shannon, in 1948, worked on compressing files from the top down, using coding trees, whereas David Huffman, a

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Drew’s Mum Nails Bravo’s Startups: Silicon Valley

Drew gets review copy of latest reality show for Tech Crunch. Perhaps Drew doesn’t want to put the boot in to his associates, but he hands it to his Mum. Drew’s Mum goes for the jugular. Where do I start? Does everyone in Silicon Valley look like Sarah Austin, Kim & Hermione? Are all the guys wasted and hung over like Dwight? Where are the Wozniaks and Jobses? I am absolutely sure there are smart plain or even ugly people who live and work there. Perhaps they are all kept in the basement hunched over their computers doing the hard

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New Yorker profiles Sheryl Sanderg, Facebook, and gender politics in the Valley

To put it another way, Facebook is trying to come up with an approach to organizing the Internet that’s entirely different from what Google has done. Google’s answer to “best Thursday sitcom” has long been determined by algorithms that analyze billions of Web pages—the so-called wisdom of crowds. Facebook will try to guide you through the preferences of your friends. Being a typical male, I’ll zero in on the explanation of the differences between Google/Facebook, but there’s a lot more in this article, especially on the oft-discussed male/female divide in Silicon Valley.

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