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You gotta have an app store, even your wrist needs an app store

And so we move on to the next digital revolution. Once upon a time you knew that your cutting edge technology had made it because someone had ported ‘Doom’ to it. Now you know you’re with the hip crowd when your device gets its very own app store. My wrist now has an app store, thanks to Pebble: We are extremely excited to announce the Pebble appstore! Many of you, as developers, have asked for it and we are happy to announce that it will go live with Pebble SDK 2.0 early next year. Pebble appstore will be included in the

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Bill Thompson looks at the fluid state of "Open"

I believe that if we want an open society based around principles of equality of opportunity, social justice and free expression, we need to build it on technologies which are themselves ‘open’, and that this is the only way to encourage a diverse online culture that allows all voices to be heard. But even if you agree with me, deciding what we mean by ‘open’ is far from straightforward:

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Windows Live Writer lives again

There was a fair bit of coverage of Microsoft’s move to Windows Live Spaces from their service to WordPress, as part of the rationalisation of the Windows Live suite, but the good news (which has just been pointed out to me) is in a ZDNet update: For those worried about the future of Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer blogging tool/app, Microsoft officials say there is no plan to phase it out and it will remain part of the Windows Live family. Good, because for me it’s the perfect blogging client.

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