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Space is big, really big, but it makes for a gorgeous video

If you were riding a beam of light, how long does it take to traverse the solar system? A real-time video of the view from a photon as it leaves the centre of the sun and travels to Jupiter Of course ‘real-time’ is a bit crazy when you are talking about travelling at the speed of light, so strictly speaking it’s our frame of reference of what we think the photon would see, because relativity and science… but still, cool video! Riding Light on Vimeo.

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Trivial Posts: The Debut Edition

Right then, let’s try a little something here. Since I had my ‘what is this blog for’ discussion a year or two ago, it’s been a place for links, thoughts, and fun things that I want to keep track of personally… and there seems to be an audience for it. But it’s been a bit haphazard of late. So in a vain way to try and put some structure in place, and to experiment with email newsletters and regular digests, here’s the first day of ‘Trivial Posts’. (Personally I blame James Whatley). Nine Flawed Christmas Baubles Of The Solar System Just because Pluto pretended to be a

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