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Get the most from SXSW with my introductory podcasts

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

SXSW is here, and that means I’m in Austin, Texas for the usual jamboree of music, film, and interactive bits and pieces. As always I’ll be blogging, interviewing, and podcasting, over at As part of that, there’s a series of podcasts on how to get the most out of SXSW. You could subscribe to the podcast (here’s the RSS feed), but to get you started, here’s the three ‘primers’ for the two weeks in sunny Austin.

The Beginner’s Podcast

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The Intermediate Podcast

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The Ninja Podcast

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And I’ll have more from Austin and SXSW every day at SXSW Baby!

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Don’t forget your visas and ESTAs for SXSW

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

I know a lot of my readers head out to Austin and South by Southwest every year, so a timely remember to check that passports are up to date, any visas have been applied for, and you’ve registered with the Homeland Security laser-super-computer’s ESTA program.

And you’re reading SXSW Baby!, yes?

From 1700 bands to just 80. Download my pick of the SXSW Music 2011 line-up

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

South by Southwest starts in just over a week (for Interactive and Film) and two weeks (for Music), and the excitement is building. Over at SXSW Baby! I’ve just posted details of our “Sampler” collection of the showcase bands at SXSW.

With 1700 performers, it’s a tough call for anyone to listen to them all, so we’ve put together a shorter collection of just 80 tracks that are our favourites. I know it says the “best” but it’s a personal best, so your enjoyment may vary. But to be honest I think there’ll be a lot in this collection for any music lover to enjoy.

There’s a wide range of genres in this mix, and I’ve spent some time putting them in a good playlist order that works either as a single 5 hour session of listening, or in batches of ten or so. I’ve even got some playlist names and breaks for you to split it up on your MP3 player.

  • Send a shiver down your spine (Tracks 1-10)
  • The Feminine Electric (Tracks 11-19)
  • Slow, Soaring and Seventies (Tracks 20-29)
  • The Fast and the Fury (Tracks 30-41)
  • Voices of the Generations (Tracks 42-51)
  • The Quirks of Nature (Tracks 52-59)
  • Digital Needs a B-Side (Tracks 60-69)
  • Assault on Precinct Midnight (Tracks 70–80)

So to sum up, it’s 80 bands from SXSW that have caught the ear of the SXSW Baby team, playlisted, and ready to drop into your player of choice. Oh and all the music was found from freely available sources online, they’ve just been put in one place and levelled for sound.

DOWNLOAD the SXSW Baby! “Best of SXSW 2011” sampler
 Dropbox linkRapidshare link (301 MB)

Thanks to Baby! writer Kevin from Operation Every Band for the long list and Simon at Outroversion for the original idea. And don’t forget to follow SXSW Baby on the web (or @sxswbaby) for a bundle of SXSW news, views, events, and a daily audio show of interviews and fun from Austin!

Bands featured:

Adam Arcuragi and the Lupine Choral Society, Agnes Obel, Alexander, An Horse, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, ARMS, Army Navy, Back and Forth, Brett Dennen, California Wives, Cast Spells, Choir of Young Believers, Chromeo, Darren Hanlon, Deer Tick, Delmore Pilcrow, Dessa, Doomtree, Dual Core, El Da Sensei, Emma Acs, Erza Furman and the Harpoons, Final Flash, Fitz and the Tantrums, French Horn Rebellion, Funeral Suites, Golden Bear, Ha Ha Tonks, Honey Honey, If Only, James Vincent McMurrow, Jenn Grant, Jesse Malin and the St Marks, John Grant (ft Midlakez), Josh Ritter, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Lazerbeak, Locksley, Lord Huron, Macklemore (ft Fences), Marco Benevento, Matthew and the Atlas, Nicole Atkins, Noah and the Whale, Oh No Oh My, P.O.S., Portugal The Man, Rah Rah, Random Recipe, Ron Sexsmith, Rosie and Me, Ruby Jane, Sahara Smith, Scala and the Kolancy Brothers, Smile Smile, Spooky Folk, Sun Bears!, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, The Civil Wars, The Crookes, The Epstein, The Jezabels, The Limousines, The Lonely Forest, The Naked and Famous, The O’s, The Rumour Said Fire, The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Spring Standards, The Submariners, Vetiver, Viper Creek Club, Wakey! Wakey!, Yellowbirds, and Zowie.

SXSW gets a new babysitter as 2011 event approaches

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

In six weeks time, South by Southwest 2011 will start, and as usual I’ll be there on the ground, but this year with a slight difference.

In previous years the daily podcast from Austin has been co-hosted on the SXSW Baby blog (, and this arrangement is going ahead in 2011 again – if you’re in Austin with a great story, get in touch to arrange an interview – but after Brad Graham’s sudden death last year, the Baby was left without a sitter. Those of us still there had our logins, but it turns out there were no other admins, super-admins, or alternative names with the hosting company.

[insert lots of frustrated noises here]

Something had to be done, and with the blessing of everyone still involved with the site, the goal was clear. To get back in, to get control, and keep the site (which was started back in 2000 ad has passed through many hands in that time) alive and thriving as it entered its second decade.

And that means that I’m the next “Dread Pirate Roberts” steering the good ship through the chaotic, fun, exhilarating world of SXSW for 2011.

So a big thank you to everyone who has helped in the past, who’s helping now, and who’s going to be using this valuable resource.

I’ll see you there!