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Ten For Techmeme’s Tenth Birthday

Techeme celebrates its tenth birthday today, so the relatively publicity shy Gabe Rivera has been convinced to post ten facts about the little news aggregator that I still visit every day. Techmeme’s original mission statement still holds up nicely today, allowing for a few addendums. The goals outlined here in 2005 (1. Recognize the web as editor, 2. Rapidly uncover new sources, and 3. Relate the conversation) endure even to this day. However, as Techmeme became the first stop for tech news for a growing and influential segment of the tech industry, other goals became imperative too. In particular: strive

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Gabe vs Arianna isn’t really a contest at all

Huffpo closed out its post with "See more stats from Ad Age here" — a disingenuous link, because Huffpo had already cherrypicked all the essential content. HuffPo clearly wanted readers to stay on its site instead of clicking through to AdAge.com. So what does Google Analytics for AdAge.com tell us? Techmeme drove 746 page views to our original item. HuffPo — which of course is vastly bigger than Techmeme — drove 57 page views.

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