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EU bans ‘Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy’ comments under ‘Media Council’ diktat

Toby Young, writing at The Telegraph, on EU plans for media regulation (my emphasis): “All EU countries should have independent media councils,” the panel concluded. “Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.” But if you think that sounds bad, wait till you hear the marmalade-dropper. In the words of the panel: “The national media councils should follow a set of European-wide standards and be monitored by the Commission to ensure that they comply with European values.” Does this means that any future Terry Wogan’isms

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Picked up by the Nationals

The Daily Dust, the “good news newspaper” Kevin Dixie and I have been working on in the background had a good 2009, and it continues to grow in the new year. The promise of a quick read newspaper (naturally online) with just good news, no war, famine, death, destruction or being run over by cows seems to be popular with readers in the UK (and beyond). It might not have been picked up by the Web 2.0 geekerati, but it’s making small waves in its own special way and on the radar of many. The coverage of Chris Evans new

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One In Ten Tweets during Saturday Mentioned Eurovision (and some #media140 Thoughts)

Yesterday was the first #media140 conference in London, talking about the use of Twitter and over instant short form methods of communication in journalism. I had hoped to get down to it, but it was so close to getting back from the Eurovision Song Contest (Moscow) that I just kept half an eye on it. Typical of the medium, I started getting pings on Twitter that I was getting mentioned from the panel on “The 140 Character Story…” So I pinged back to ask what was being said (which is a horrible Web 2.0 feedback loop, I know); Documentally: you

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