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Boys and girls, can you see which way Twitter went?

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Nothing says Christmas (in the UK at least) than a pantomime. And nothing says innovating online than successfully holding an online pantomime as a piece of performance art. How about a pantomime on Twitter I hear you say-

…traditional wait as you all shout ‘how about a pantomime on Twitter?’ at me…

Been there, done that, it was cutting edge in 2008. Jon Bounds recalls the bleeding edge of comedy 2.0:

 Looking back at the first Twitpanto, which was organised haphazardly and quickly. It stands out for me that it had no commercial or charitable goal. It was purely for the enjoyment and to see if it was possible, and more than that it was able to break across social groupings and filters. A nib in the Birmingham Post the following day reminds me of the cast: some people whom I was friends with mainly online and had never met; some people I had worked with; some journalists, and a cabinet minister. The cabinet minister was Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich near Birmingham, a ferocious advocate of digital technology’s place in the real centre of social discourse – but this was no demonstration piece, this was for laughs. This era, is sadly over. Could the now deputy leader of the Labour Party play Barron Tweetup today?

Trivial Posts #20: Cliffhangers, Knitting, And Error Trapping

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

What Have I Been Up To?

Two appearances online from myself to highlight this week. The first is an appearance in the popular culture podcast ‘From The Sublime‘ where I talk about cliffhangers in modern television (with a specific focus on Doctor Who’. The second is a review of Microsoft Office 2016 on Forbes.

Which Is The Better Star Wars Trailer?

The nostalgia and new crew style that debuted this week for ‘The Force Awakens‘… or the genuine wish fulfilment of the PlayStation Christmas?

Metafilter discusses the weaker trailer

Indie Music And Knitting

Finding a post on being self-employed and selling content is easy. Finding one that mixes in the indie music scene from the late nineties is a little bit harder. Finding one I’ll recommend? Over to Karie Westermann:

I learned a hard lesson when I first started out: I handed over the rights to a pattern for a pittance and saw somebody else make a lot of money from it when I could barely cover rent. And that got me thinking. I still work with mainstream publications on occasion (and some of them are incredibly indie-friendly and lovely!) but time & experience has taught me to be wary of Big Besuited Companies offering me deals too good to be true.

Indies pay the price by having to do all the things – including all the tough things mainstream publishing would normally have done for us – but I maintain it is worth it.

So, clutching my gladioli, I began thinking about where indie knitting businesses are heading.

Clutching My Gladioli – On Making It Work as an Indie

Who Is Maggie Goldenberger?

A long time ago, when she was young, Maggie Goldenberger dressed up and took silly polaroids…

Goldenberger remembers the details of the very day that immortal photo was taken.

“I remember having a lot of fun picking out the items,” she said, “and Kaelyn running downstairs to pick out books.” Kaelyn had suggested that Goldenberger should hold the American Girl doll tie-in books, with their saccharine pastel covers of smiling tween girls. Crucially, it was the Goosebumps books, with their instantly recognizable hyper-colored cover images by illustrator Tim Jacobus, that made the cut.

Deciding against the coonskin cap, Goldenberger put on the vest, hoisted her hair up into intentionally dorky pigtails—she never wore them like that otherwise—brandished the chosen books, and pulled an intentionally hideous face for the camera. Normally, she hardly ever wore her retainer like she was supposed to, but it felt right for the character: she put it on for the shoot.

Years later, Reddit found it, and Ermahgerd was born. This is the story of the meme.

The Untold Story Of The Ermahgerd Girl

Everybody Is Perfect, But Programmers Know Differently

Mentioned previously in Trivial Posts is Margaret Hamilton, one of the Apollo computer programmers. For Ada Lovelace Day (once again, thanks Suw) Robert McMillan looks at a legend of computing… and error trapping:

…Hamilton created a program note—an add-on to the program’s documentation that would be available to NASA engineers and the astronauts: “Do not select P01 during flight,” it said. Hamilton wanted to add error-checking code to the Apollo system that would prevent this from messing up the systems. But that seemed excessive to her higher-ups. “Everyone said, ‘That would never happen,’” Hamilton remembers.

But it did. Right around Christmas 1968—five days into the historic Apollo 8 flight, which brought astronauts to the moon for the first-ever manned orbit—the astronaut Jim Lovell inadvertently selected P01 during flight. Hamilton was in the second-floor conference room at the Instrumentation Laboratory when the call came in from Houston. Launching the P01 program had wiped out all the navigation data Lovell had been collecting. That was a problem. Without that data, the Apollo computer wouldn’t be able to figure out how to get the astronauts home.

Hamilton and the MIT coders needed to come up with a fix; and it needed to be perfect.

Her Code Got Humans To The Moon

Messaging As A Platform

Where can you find the future of online activities? Many people believe that the answer is in the IM client, and achieving dominance of the replacement to SMS is a key strategy for many companies, including Facebook. Returning to Wired, David Rowan looks at Facebook’s Messenger platform towards the future.

How people see interaction inside mobile phones hasn’t changed since flip phones,” he says. “You have a keypad to dial, a phonebook icon to access contacts, another for messages and one for your voicemail. It’s app-centric, not people centric. If today no phone existed, you wouldn’t create an app-centric view of the world, you’d create a people-centric view. WithMessenger, everything you can do is based on the thread, the relationship. We want to push that further.

Zuckerberg’s App For Everything

Seven Years A Square

Of course the other potential future is Twitter. After ‘Moments’ was launched last week, the re-org from incoming/returning CEO Jack Dorsey should put Twitter onto a more realistic footing after it’s Silicon Valley fuelled growth.

Dorsey was instrumental in Twitter’s acquisition of Vine, a social network for sharing six-second videos, which has become an impressive video platform in its own right. It continues to grow at a rapid clip. Similarly, the recently acquired Periscope, a live-broadcasting platform, has started to grow nicely. Dorsey’s skills are also visible at Square and in its many services. The company’s point-of-sales system, readers, and business services reflect a coherent and effective design process.

And isn’t it nice to be reading Om Malik on tech 2.0 again?

Jack In The Box: Can Twitter Be Saved?

This Week’s Long Read: Boom Town

Joni Tevis looks at the Nevada nuclear test sites, the Viewmaster 3D, the hula-hoop, Buddy Holly, and more, in an evocative look back the long summer of the Atmoic Fifties. Settle in for a fascinating portrait of a lost time.

Atomic Summer

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Twitter’s archival search lets you find history… such as the very first hashtag

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

We all knew that it was Chris Messina, and Chris had a good idea of what the tweet was, but here it is.

?@chrismessina 23 Aug 2007
how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

How to use Twitter as Google like a pro, for free!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

From Re/Code’s Code/Mobile Conference:

“Twitter really became my form of Google — I would just get on Twitter and say, ‘Does anyone know where to go eat in this city?’ … It’s just an amazing focus group.”

That would be Kim Kardashian, using exploiting untold followers for knowledge, power, and a nice slice of cheesecake.

Seven years on Twitter

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

I’m sure there’s an exciting statistic that I could dig out for this momentous day, but no. Just a simple note that I’ve been on Twitter for seven years, and there’s not an itch in sight.

How podcasting created Twitter

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Perhaps because I was heavily involved in the early podcasting days, the traumatic jump from Odeo to Twitter is something Im rather familiar with (albeit from the down side of the curve of Odeo). For others, your  weekend reading assignment is Business Insider’s look at the 140 character company.

What happened when @femfreq pointed out there were no female protagonists in the Xbox E3 presentation?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty, and it shows why the female reporters in the gaming world, unfortunately, need a really thick skin

One tweet to sum up all the issues around the NSA..

Friday, June 7th, 2013


So, who else is pumped about Google Glass?

Of course Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is using an Android smartphone

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

So Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted with an Android device, to talk about a Windows Phone? Good.

Yes there’s an argument that any public facing executive needs to be 100% on message, but I think it’s far more important that the top-level execs who are imparting the vision and direction on their platform have real world experience of the competing platforms. I would hope that Belfiore is a ‘power’ user on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry 10 (when it arrives) as well as Windows Phone.

Of course I love you BlackBerry, I’ll never look at an iPhone again

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Alicia Keys becomes a Global Creative Director for BlackBerry at yesterday’s launch, and she tweeted to tell everyone the great news. From her iPhone. And then apologies in her first ‘official’ tweet… from a BlackBerry. Classy.

The French are airbrushing the hastag out of official documentation

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

mot-dièse, n.m.

Domaine : Télécommunications-Informatique/Internet.

Définition : Suite signifiante de caractères sans espace commençant par le signe # (dièse), qui signale un sujet d’intérêt et est insérée dans un message par son rédacteur afin d’en faciliter le repérage.


I can’t see Vine video working online if it follows the Seesmic interaction model

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Vine, an application that allows you to post a six second video snipept online, is now owned by Twitter and looks ready to launch. But I come back to ‘the Seesmic question’ and have to ask who is it for and what problem does it solve? Almost any technology can find fans and a small social group who will champion it, but the tech fails to break out into a large-scale consumer success.

What does Vine do differently? Peter Kafka, on All Things D:

Why would you want to download Vine? Because it’s supposed to be a fun tool for making and sharing very short video clips — no longer than six seconds a pop — in the same way that Instagram worked for photos. And it’s designed in a similar way, with the ability to follow other Vine users’ clips, explore stuff from people you don’t know, etc.

It doesn’t do anything differently beyond ‘smartphones have got a bit better in the meantime.’ By all means launch, iterate, and see if this works, but it’s re-inventing the wheel.

Can I trust Ev William’s new idea for a Twitter metric after the last month?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

When I read about Ev Williams talking about changing Twitter’s primary stat from ‘Followers’ to ‘Retweets’ or something more nebulous like ‘how many people saw your Tweet’, my issue is that the trust I had in Twitter’s management team to get it right for the community has been seriously damaged over issues like the degraded API and mobile clients. I’m no longer thinking ‘that sounds like a good idea’, I’m thinking ‘how will this screw up my Twitter experience?’

Gravity… still one of the best arguments for carrying a Symbian smartphone

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Beta 2.70 of Gravity, the all singing and dancing social media client for Symbian, is now available. Over every mobile platform, Gravity is still my Twitter client of choice.

What if NBC could delay Twitter as well as their Olympic pictures?

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Building on the backlash against American broadcaster NBC, showing the Olympic on tape delay while throwing out spoilers on Twitter, their websites, and their own news programs, is @NBCdelayed, a parody Twitter account wondering how NBC would manage Twitter if they could delay that as well for the US audience.

BREAKING: Dewey defeats Truman in landslide.

BREAKING: Tommie Smith and John Carlos create controvery during medals ceremony, wear black gloves and raise fists. More to come.

There’s two, expect a lot more through the two weeks!