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An Update With Some Good News About My Epilepsy

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

It’s coming up on six weeks since my last ‘full body’ seizures and ‘just the leg’ tonic clonic seizures. Things are going well.

As I noted in my last post on the subject, I have been diagnosed with epilepsy and there’s been nothing since to suggest otherwise. What’s not know yet is what triggers my brain into electrical overload, and that may never be known unless the seizures start up again (something I’d like to avoid). In general my Doctor says I’ve to avoid alcohol, keep to regular sleep patterns, and avoid getting over-tired.

What is not a trigger is ‘bright flashing lights.’ Although this is the classic epilepsy thing only three percent of those diagnosed with epilepsy have photo-sensitivity. If the strobes, lights, pyro, and projection effects at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest failed to trigger me, I doubt anything visual will. Last weekend’s trip to that show allowed me to road-test the modifications my body has made, and all seems to be in order.

That said my enforced rest has meant that I have lost a lot of stamina, my right leg is weaker because of the twitching and seizures that it suffered, and my left arm is still recovering from secondary injuries. There are some side-effects from the anti-seizure medication (Keppra/Levetiracetam), including fatigue and a touch of vertigo. As my body gets used to the medication I’m expecting the effects to continue to diminish.

Up next are a few more short trips to cover some conferences and music events during March and April. I expect to be match fit to join the ESC Insight team in Lisbon to cover the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

By all means ask how I am and how things are going if we meet, I’m happy to talk about this. Just give me a little bit longer to walk anywhere and I’m not going to be staying out late.

You’ll find a lot more information at Epilepsy Scotland, including first aid advice on what to do if you are with anyone when they have a seizure.

A new home for my blog

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Yes, it looks remarkably like the old home, I’m not one for major redesigns for a web blog just because the seasons change. All that’s happened is the blog has moved to, so if you have any bookmarks, go right ahead and update them. There might be a few teething troubles with lingering references to the old site, if you spot any, do let me know.

Drivers, hardware, and broken platforms

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

James Kendrick takes a look back at the historical bane of computing (keeping your hardware drivers current on your Windows based desktop), and draws contrasts both to Microsoft’s Windows 8.1, but also issues in the Android ecosystem.

The mobile space today, with the majority of customers who are not tech-savvy, calls for a change to the ecosystem. Continuing the way it is currently, both in the Windows and Android ecosystem, is a recipe for disaster. The time to change is now, no matter how it upsets hardware partners. Once customers are lost due to the way things are, they will not come back. A great user experience is not a luxury, it is a requirement.

Looks like either the techies haven’t learned, or the business model for new hardware outweighs the idea of updating sensibly specced hardware that’s only a few years old.

The smooth Mango delivery shows how far Windows Phone has come

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

And quietly, in the corner, Microsoft continues a successful roll-out of Windows Mango, now available to roughly half of the Windows Phone smartphones (and those of you who know you can “cut the cord“). It may be a smaller footprint of devices, but they still have to navigate a number of different models, manufacturers, and network requests. Samsung Focus aside, Microsoft has learnt from the NoDo update at the start of the year, and given that, what else do you think they might have learned.

With Palm’s WebOS effectively off the table, Research in Motion in decline, and Symbian loosing market share, Microsoft are well placed to ensure third place in the OS charts this festive season. And then the fun starts.

The best mobile browser just gets another update

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Opera Mini 6.1:

The Opera Mobile team is happy to announce an updated version of Opera Mini 6.1 for Symbian. In this release we added support for brand new Symbian Belle devices and improved integration with half-screen keyboard on phones running Symbian Anna. To get updated please visit

Symbian Anna arrives for download, shall I risk it?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Symbian Anna, the first “name” update to Symbian^3 is now in the Over the Air channels for the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01. Should I update, or wait a bit and see what happens to Rafe and Steve’s phones? I’m in the nice position of having more than one, so for a while the E7 will stay on the older, and the C6-01 (the gorgeous little pocket Nokia that I love) gets to be on the shiny new firmware.

There’ll be a lot of noise from the geekerati about the timescale of delivery, but will the man or woman on the street care? Or just install it when their PC Suite prompts them to? I don’t know (and neither does anyone else). I wish they had a blog.

Anna rolls out (will roll out) to Symbian handsets by the Autumn

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Lost of lively discussion over on AAS about the Symbian Anna software update, mostly around the speed of roll-out:

Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, announced that the Symbian Anna software update for the Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 would start shipping in new devices in July and would be available for all existing device owners to download by the end of August. He also announced that, over the next 12 months, Nokia intends to bring 10 new Symbian based smartphones to the market.

Obligatory WordPress 2.7 Blog with Added Email Hiccup

Friday, January 9th, 2009

I doubt that you’d notice the upgrade of the blog to WordPress 2.7, which in true Mullenweg form took about 5 minutes including the FTP uploading schedule. The only thing you might notice is that one of the plug-ins I use, Comment Relish, has sent out an email to everyone who’s left a comment on the blog. It’s only designed to send comments to first time posters.

If you got an email from the blog… sorry for that.

Update: I also note that Windows Live Writer now picks up the built-in WordPress tag system… nice!

Dear Apple, Downloads does not equal Developers

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Apple’s CFO has announced 200,000 developers for the iPhone are raring to go, and especially rariing to do enterprise applications. Really?

Sounds remarkably like the claims that Palm used to make with the numbers of SDK’s download for Palm OS, and the hundreds of thousands of developers they had… And that platform has, as of today 4484 applications on Pocket Gear. Which is a nice return on the numbers of SDK downloaded.

Yes, every platform and manufacturer plays this game, and most rational commentators realise this… I’m just bracing myself for the non-rational commentators that will take this figure with less than a pinch of salt. That upsets me.

What’s also upsetting me, is that yet again, the iPod Touch users are getting left out in the cold – the iPhone users get the application support for free, iPod Touch have yet another chargeable update.

Apple plans to deliver a free update to the software that runs the iPhone — called iPhone 2.0 — in late June. That update will introduce the App Store, a new feature that will enable iPhone users to purchase, download and install third-party application software for the device. Apple also plans to release a similar update to the iPod touch — delivered for a nominal fee — that will enable iPod touch users to access the App Store as well.

(I’ve spoken in more depth on this over at Mobile Messaging, where I ask if Apple want to kill or cure the iPod Touch as a platform).