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Medium Keeps On Boiling The Frogs

Ev Williams waxes lyrical about all the changes at medium, from the new app and ability to be mentioned, to  updates to the online editor and the rather Zune-like logo: Increasingly, people come to Medium to find the most diverse thinking on issues they care about. And they don’t just find it, they read it. And they don’t just read it, they respond, they share, they highlight the best parts. When you read on Medium, you’re reading and thinking with others – others who share your views, as well as those who don’t (which makes you smarter). I’m proud of where

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Where will Ello find $55 million to return to investors?

Ello, the social network that “will never sell your data, or have advertising”, has taken on another round of funding. $5.5 million funding to be exact. If we assume the investors are looking at a standard x10 return as an initial target, where will Ello find (at least) $55 million to feed the beast? The clock is ticking and I’m struggling to see how the altruistic message pushed out will counter the standard VC play for a start-up.

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Twitter Shot J.R. – How The Buzz Is Turning Towards Making Money

TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter is close to securing another funding round which should value Ev’s company at a quarter of a billion dollars. No matter the economic climate, or any lingering web bubble, investors do not put down the cash unless they see some concrete plans. Now those plans could be a cold hard plan on how to make money from Twitter, or it could be something slightly less concrete in the near future but coupled with the volume of users (and intra-user connections). Whatever The Big Book of Making Money in 140 Characters or Less says, someone has

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