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The moment when a post about ‘audio not going viral’, goes viral

An interesting article for two reasons on Digg about the viral nature of content and why audio doesn’t have the same viral velocity as an animated GIF or a flashy YouTube video: “Audio never goes viral,” writes radio and podcast producer Nate DiMeo. “If you posted the most incredible story — literally, the most incredible story that has ever been told since people have had the ability to tell stories, it will never, ever get as many hits as a video of a cat with a moustache.” It’s hardly a fair fight, audio vs. cat video, but it’s the one that’s fought on

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Dopplr’s Personal Annual Reports Go Viral

A nice touch from Dopplr, the social network that collates your journeys around the world (such as visiting conferences like SXSW), lets you know which of your friends will be close to you when travelling, and then doing interesting thing with your data. Their latest one, an Annual Report for an individual traveller, looks at your data for 2008 and brings out some fun facts along the useful stuff…. I travelled 18% of the distance to the moon. I spent 52 days travelling. I spent most of my travelling time in Austin. I used 79% of the carbon that a

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Microsoft Vista Rocking Video and Spitting Image’s RS232 Interface Lead

A number of sites picked it up, and probably called it correctly as Epic Fail (for example Matthew Ingram’s “Suuuuure it is, whatever makes you guys feel better. I suppose all of these incredible lame videos were in jokes too, right?”). You see, things are funny when the viewer knows they are meant to be funny. There are lots of funny songs about computers and technology – if this had been published by DogHorse, and pushed by B3ta, we’d all be happy with it. After all, Spitting Image managed to rack up a love song to the RS-232 Interface Cable..

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