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Trivial Posts #19: Chernobyl, Zuul, And An Original Cast Recording

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

What I’ve Been Up To

Having spent two months with the OnePlus 2 handset, I’ve written up my experiences of the difficult second smartphone from the Shenzhen manufacturer. You can read the long-term review over on Forbes. There’s also some thoughts on Apple Stores as churches, and why Microsoft needs to ignore the MacBook as it promotes the new Surface devices.

And I’ve enjoyed reading the following links!

Dry Pork Slabs

My best man went to Chernobyl and wrote up the experience. A wonderful look at just how bad mankind can make things:

Stopping a few kilometres from the reactors to get a good view we saw the reactors as well as the new shield being constructed that will eventually be rolled over the old sarcophagus.  Robots will then go in and dismantle the old shield and the reactor, thus rendering it safe.  The guie also pointed out a French built fuel rod storage building which alas, had been constructed at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars but the French use fuel rods thinner than what the Ukrainian reactors use so it was useless.

Chernobyl 2015

Are You The Gatekeeper?

Ryan Parker meets Rick Moranis, still around, still looking for work, but with a very high threshold for rubbish ‘make-do’ projects (which rules out Ghostbusters 3). As for where he went…

“I was working with really interesting people, wonderful people,” says Moranis of his Hollywood heyday before the death of his wife. “I went from that to being at home with a couple of little kids, which is a very different lifestyle. But it was important to me. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. My life is wonderful.”

He might be known as a comic, but I would love to see him get a strong dramatic role, the sort that the Academy would love.

Rick Moranis Isn’t Retired

Who Does It Hurt? That’s Who The Story Is About

Staying with the silver screen, taking in the Sony email hack, the power of Apple, and the business of film, the Hollywood Reporter puts together the story behind the film ‘Steve Jobs’.

“Woz was eager to show that he has no ego at all about this but is unable to not be angry about Steve taking credit for things that Steve didn’t deserve,” adds Sorkin. “Joanna Hoffman [a longtime Jobs colleague, played by Kate Winslet] was incredibly helpful, and I knew right away she would be a character in the movie. [Former Apple CEO] John Sculley hadn’t spoken to Walter Isaacson, hadn’t really spoken to anybody since he left Apple. [But] he had recently gotten remarried to a wonderful woman [who] has made it her job to correct the record and resuscitate her husband, who really took a beating as the man who fired Steve Jobs. I spent a lot of time with them.”

The Strange Tale Of ‘Steve Jobs’

We Could Put On The MP3 Right Here!

We’re often told the Internet is all about niche publishing, well here’s the perfect example. Broadway albums as vital top-ups on show funding, and smaller specialist publishers ready to help out casts and crews.

A show that might ordinarily raise $10 million for its Broadway capitalization might now, without much more effort, raise $10.4 million, that extra fraction letting the producers pay for (and thus own) the OCR outright. Or a new label might syndicate the costs and profits among a group of investors. (The boutique label Broadway Records has its own variation on these paradigms.) The upside for the labels is obvious: Taking a fee or a royalty, they are much less exposed to risk. The upside for the producers (and for the artists as well) is that they have a permanent record of work they may love, or at any rate hope to profit by in the future. A show creamed by the New York critics might yet live on in high schools and regional theaters — if there’s an Original Cast Recording to spread the word.

Why Does Nearly Every Broadway Show Still Release A Cast Album?

Reach Out, Tony Stark Will Be There

How to make bionic limbs fun for kids? Stop making them look realistic, and make them look like a lightsabre, or Elsa, or Iron Man.

The company unveiled it hand designs this week during the Disney Accelerator Demo Day. Powered by Techstars, the Disney Accelerator program provides funding and resources to technology innovators. During the three-month program, entrepreneurs are provided with $120,000 in capital and receive mentorship from Disney’s executive leadership. At the end of the program, participants then present their inventions and services to a group of investors, fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders and Disney executives in an annual Demo Day event.

Such a simple idea, I love it.

Open Bionics Just Unveiled Themed Prosthetics For Kids

This Week’s Long Reads: On Twitter Moments

It’s proving to be a busy week for Twitter, but before the layoffs that were announced today, Twitter announced ‘Moments’ (neé Project Lightning). In short an editorial team at Twitter will curate tweets on current news stories, which can be read by anyone, be it in the Twitter app, on the website, or embedded in a website. As for the longer view on Moments, it’s over to Ben Thompson:

It was a bit disconcerting when, during the conference call to announce the appointment of Jack Dorsey as CEO, Lead Independent Director Peter Currie, Dorsey, and newly promoted COO Adam Bain brought up Project Lightning, an internal project that was bizarrely revealed to BuzzFeed by Costolo just days before his departure; at the time it was hard to see the pre-announcement as anything other than a last ditch attempt to save his job, and one wondered if the mentions on the conference call had a similar motivation: give Wall Street something, anything, to hold onto, even if jacking up expectations would hurt the new product when it launched.

Well, the product launched…and it’s fantastic. Moreover, it’s not only that it’s fantastic from a product perspective — actually, there is a lot to nitpick — but that it is fantastic from a strategic perspective.

Twitter’s Moment

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A Quick Trip To San Francisco… Who Has Interesting Things To Show Me?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

This weekend I’m nipping over to San Franciso and the Bay Area – as you do – with a view to meet as many people as possible for coffee, snacks, lunch, and dinner. If you’re reading this and around between Sunday 27th and Wednesday 30th, let’s meet up, you all know how to reach me.

And anyone who has something interesting to show me with my Forbes hat on that pushes new technology in mobile, and social media, reach out to me via email (