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Is this not the end of the Voicemail?

Podcasts should, like people making a Terminator TV series, plan for a final episode. Even if it’s ‘go on hiatus’ think about what you leave if it is the last one. As it is with genre TV, as it is with The Voicemail: This isn’t the last episode of The Voicemail, but it’ll be the last one you’ll hear for a while. In it, James and Stefan discuss what’s been happening in their respective lives since the last time they recorded, what news items caught there eyes during the show’s brief hiatus, and what they’re looking forward to in 2017. Goodnight,

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Trivial Posts: The Debut Edition

Right then, let’s try a little something here. Since I had my ‘what is this blog for’ discussion a year or two ago, it’s been a place for links, thoughts, and fun things that I want to keep track of personally… and there seems to be an audience for it. But it’s been a bit haphazard of late. So in a vain way to try and put some structure in place, and to experiment with email newsletters and regular digests, here’s the first day of ‘Trivial Posts’. (Personally I blame James Whatley). Nine Flawed Christmas Baubles Of The Solar System Just because Pluto pretended to be a

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Research in Motion is dead, long live BlackBerry

James Whatley rounds up some points about the BlackBerry 10 launch today. In summary… Two phones, Android apps, terrible BBC appearance, Android apps (really), it’s “quite good”, RIM is now BlackBerry, and the NotAt3GSM meeting will have some samples for people to play with on Feb 28th. I’m hopeful that a review unit will be on its way to Edinburgh, and I’ll let you know my thoughts when and if I have something substantive.

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