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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs through the prism of the Windows Phone app store

By myself, over on All About Windows Phone, some thoughts on how to measure the worth of an App Store. Includes an attempt at applying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to the app-economy of Windows Phone… With the recent launches and brand names coming to the platform, it feels as if Windows Phone has moved up from the lower levels of a “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Apps”. The basic apps for sustenance and day to day basic living are now present in the core official apps in the Windows Phone Store, with perhaps just a bit of help from some unofficial third

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Podcast clients for Windows Phone

Steve takes a look at the choices open to WP users on All About Windows Phone: However, for podcast fans from other platforms (perhaps refugees from Symbian or Android), run, don’t walk, and get Podcatcher. It’s supremely flexible in terms of getting your feeds in, everything can be automated, your playback position in each programme is remembered and you can clean up your GB of podcasts when needed. Podcatcher isn’t the prettiest solution here, but it’s the one I keep coming back to and it’s the one that most closely matches the best podcatchers on other platforms

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It’s like a Galaxy, but it runs Windows Phone

On first impressions, the Samsung ATIV S is not going to be the Windows Phone 8 handset that everybody will be fighting for, but it will be one that will not disappoint you, if your office IT manager hands you one as your work phone. It may be the least-talked-about Windows Phone 8 device at the moment, but it has an important place in the ecosystem. My preview of Samsung’s ATIV S is on All About Windows Phone.

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