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NYT looks at the future of Delicious with the YouTube founders

 But Mr. Chen said the team also “liked the idea of saving one of the original Web 2.0 companies that started the social sharing movement on the Web.” He added: “There was some sense of history. We were genuinely sad that it would be shut down.” It might be a nice puff piece from the New York Times, but many of us, including myself, liked Delicious. Whether Chen and Hurley can revamp the service and still keep its core feeling is going to be interesting. Is this going to be a Ron Moore Galactica, or Galactica 1980? Time will tell…

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What If Ron Moore’s Galactica Had Been Filmed in 1979?

Brilliant mash-up / spoof / alternate universe video of the opening and closing credits for the modern (Ron Moore helmed) Battlestar Galactica in the style of the Glen A. Larson Galactica.   There’s a lot of in-jokes hiding in this one, especially in the end credits, and I’d hazard a guess the author is from the UK, or at least familiar with our Brit TV Sci-Fi (and Scottish comedy double acts).

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A Little Something For Burns Night

Another delightfully Scottish video from Alan Smart, this time with the Opening of the Scottish Parliament and one of Rabbie Burns’ most famous songs. Sung by Shenna Wellington, Alan writes that: We were not meant to sing along, and were were just meant to politely applaud – what would the Queen or the Duke think?" thought the powers that be. But we could not give a dam. This was Scotland’s day and it took Rabbie to lift the roof, set the tone and give our new parliament its immortal memory Have yourself a guid Burns night!

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