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We all loved BlackBerry, so BB10 and the Z10 gets a chance

Some of my thoughts on the love in the room for BlackBerry, and not Windows Phone, over on All About Windows Phone: Anyone watching the online coverage of smartphones over the last month can’t have helped but notice something peculiar. There’s a huge amount of love in the room for BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) and their ‘comeback’ smartphone the Z10. That love has given BlackBerry a fair amount of leeway over many issues in the handset (not least battery life and the unfocused UI elements), and I can’t help wondering how Windows Phone’s last two years would have been

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Instagram to hit BlackBerry before Windows Phone?

Reports are coming in that Instagram will be available as a listed in the BlackBerry app store. With a huge caveat that BlackBerry’s new OS allows Android apps to run, so this might be a very easy implementation for the Instagram devs to push out, it raises two points. Consumers who ‘want Instagram on their phone’ because that’s what everyone on-line tells them they must have, will have no fear in picking up a BB10 handset. More importantly, it shows the love in the room for BlackBerry, because two years later Windows Phone is still waiting…

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